Docs Deep South Blog Country Life December 5th 2022

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Docs Deep South Blog Country Life December 5th 2022

 THURSDAY DECEMBER 5 th , 2022 8:15 pm Docs Blog Entry

    I have been busy updating my websites, and catching up on my Reddit Communities, along with other Social Media Outlets.  I post at least 1 Video a day, and sometimes more.  Doing this has caused me to get behind on my other work.  However, doing the Videos helps me get share my thoughts and ideas, easier.  Plus, I enjoy creating Videos.  

December 5th, 2022 Content Short Video
Shadows Daily Routine
Created by Doc #ITisandiamIT

As you can see I enjoy creating Videos with Puddin and Joey the Cat.  I am sharing the videos I created on this day, and posted to my Social Media Outlets.   I will be sharing them all, at some point.  

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   I have been using Adobe Creative Cloud, and it has really caused me to miss Adobe Flash.  I remember when it was Macromedia Flash.  I can see how Adobe has taken Flash and split it up and created lots of different pieces of software, with just Flash.  They do not offer Fireworks anymore, either.  Which came with Flash and Dreamweaver when Adobe Purchased them from Macromedia.  I still use Fireworks to edit and create my graphics.  It is powerful, and easy to use.  Photoshop cannot hold a light to fireworks.  
  We are planning on being in Gulf Shores Alabama for Christmas.  Though, I am starting to have second thoughts about this.  Shadow (Puddin) and Phat Tail want be able to come with us, and I don't think I can be away from them, that long.  Nor can I trust anyone else to look out for them.  Sure, I would love to get away, but I am happy being here, as long as I have Shadow and Phat tail with me.  
   I enjoy creating Videos and developing website.  I am happy sitting behind my Computer System, and working on a server, or just trying something new.  Such as creating my own AI.  Which is one of my current projects.  I am working on an AI that can help me create the Titles, and Descriptions for my Videos. Below you can see one of my newest gif's I created for one of my recent Videos.  I switch between Video Editing Software, but always use Adobe Fireworks for my Graphics.  As I mentioned above, I have been using Adobe Fireworks, since it was Macromedia Fireworks.  At first, I really thought they had stopped Adobe Flash, due to the lack of Security, but now I believe it was just a ploy, but Adobe, so they could get more money out of the Software that is packed into Flash.  It was the ultimate in design Software, and I still wish I could create websites with it.  I really miss using it.  Flash made Website Fun! And easy to create. 

   This Blog entry will continue below the .gif just below this line.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATOR Doc shared Graphics used in his newest Videos
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Content Creator Donnie Doc OConnor of ITisandiamIT is Creating Social Media Content Daily

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   The Giles County Bobcats 2022 Football Season just ended, and it was a bad week, all the way around.  Bumble Bee spent the week, and weekend with me, and that was awesome.  Then, after the Game Friday night, it was like everything went South, FAST.
   Puddin had eaten something, which made her sick, and she spent 4 days in the Vets office.  She is just now getting over it.  But I noticed a knot on her jaw, and now that has me worried.  Curtis and Leo came to Visit this past Weekend, to check on Puddin, and I really enjoyed that.  So did Puddin.  
  I have got to get used to using Puddin’s stage name: “Shadow” It fits her, and I like it.  So, Curtis and Leo came up to visit me and Shadow, and we enjoyed it.  Curtis is like a brother to me, and his Wife is for sure Family.   So, I look out for him, and his Family, anyway I can.
  I have been tossing around the idea of doing Giles Counties Basketball team, but the only issue is, Giles County High School is 45 minutes from Our house, and it is hard for me to go over early, and sit there all day.  Believe it or not, I work around the clock, and being on the school network, slow my work down.  Though, I can bypass it, and use my own network, but it is still a slow connection there.  However, it would be great content, and I would really enjoy covering Basketball, too.  So, maybe we can work it out so I can start doing it.  What do you think?  Message me or contact me and let me know. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME
  I am also waiting on Sammy Brown, of Better Built Home of Alabama and to start a new Barndominium.  When they do, I am going to document it, and set it up so from this point forward, every House or Barndominium Sammy Builds for someone, they will be able to track as their House, or Barndominium is Built. 
  As I mentioned above, I am not too sure about going to Gulf Shores.  Sure, it is awesome, and it would be a lot of fun.  But I would be worried about Shadow and Phat Tail (Joey, Our Cat).  Though I know I could come up with some great Content, while there.  We will see how things un-fold, and one thing I do know, I will be where GOD wants me to be.  That is for sure.
   I have to take this chance to THANK GOD, OUR CREATOR, for everything.  GOD blesses me on a daily basis, and I am so thankful that GOD has not given up on this old soul.  Not a day passes, which I don’t speak with GOD.  And not a day passes, in which GOD does not amaze me more, and more.  I could spend a week just mentioning every Blessing GOD has given me, just this past week.  Thank you, GOD!
   I have said all of that to say this: In conclusion… lol I am going to start keeping my Blog up-to-date so those who are Following me, will know for sure what I have going on. As far as my Social Media Platforms, I am going to be working on Shadows Daily Life, Docs Daily Life, and Phat Tails Daily Life.  I will need to add a Playlist to my YouTube Channel for Shadow, and Phat Tail.  Or may just keep posting Shadows Videos, under Puddin.  Then again, I could just rename Puddin’s Playlist, to Shadow.  

Social Media Content Creator Doc #ITisandiamIT is Blowing up World Wide
Content Creator Donnie Doc OConnor #ITisandiamIT World Wide

   These are the tough decisions I am pressed to make daily.  Just joking.  Though I do need to get my plan together.  You can look for more day-to-da Videos coming from me about Our Daily Lives.  Now, you may ask: “What is interesting about that” Excellent point.  It may not be interesting to some, but the way I display, and present it, will be what makes it all interesting.  
   I am going to start back into Longer Videos, as well.   I have been Creating mostly Video Shorts, and now I think it is time for me to start mixing it back up, again.  As you know, I have 4 Reddit Communities, which I use to try and tie all of my Social Media Platforms together.  
 Where YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook are Video and Images, Reddit is more for writing.  Well, Facebook is too.  But Reddit is more for the writer. So, where I use Videos to tell my Stories, and share on my other Platforms, I use Reddit to tell and write my Stories.   Make sure you check out my Reddit Communities and let me know what you think.  Don’t forget to Join my communities, while you are there. My Social Media Community is r/ITisandiamIT while I also have my Prison Stories, which is r/Prison_Stories_TN.  You can look at my YouTube Playlist, and see how I created a community, for each playlist.  I will do my best to stick to those topics, and try not to create many more.  Just use what I have.  😉
  This Website is Your Ultimate Portal to everything I have going on.  You can find links to all of my social media Platforms and get the real inside information on everything I have going on.  Example:  I have been talking with a friend from California, who has recently been released from Prison, along with some other guys who have just recently been released.  And we are all going to be working together, to bring you more: Real Life Prison Stories.  I am excited about that as well.  
  Okay, this is the for real, In Conclusion.  I am going to wrap this Blog Post up, and hope that I have not just rambled on, as I tend to do.  I am working daily, and nightly to bring new Content, and I am doing it all the Way GOD wants me to do it.  I will update you more with this Blog and look for more Content coming soon.  I am going to share a lot of my Graphics here as well.  I am a graphics creating machine. 😊 If you only knew how much Graphics I create, daily.  From. gif’s to just regular images.  I go through lots of hard drive space.  LOTS!  If you happen to have any extra hard disk drives, I could use them…lol.  I am setting up 3 old laptops, for my local network media server, just to try and keep my files in order.  Not to mention my One Drive, G-Drive, and my 3 personal Next Cloud Drives.  Lol Oh, and then there is still more.   
   Check out some of the Graphic I have created over the past few months.  I am sharing them, just below this. Thank you for visiting.  –Doc

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