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IT's in the GAME BABIE 

  I love my Country and I Love Our Creator (GOD). I am a Content Creator, website Developer, Influencer, Graphics Designer, and offer my skills, to those who wish to retain me. Or, who ask for help.
  IN the GAME with DOC Slogan for newest Athlete Highlight Content Videos.
I am expanding my Sport Coverage, me.   I enjoy writing, reading, and talking with people.  Though, I prefer to be alone, and to work alone.  Just as many Content Creators, we want others to see our work, but not sure about actually meeting them.  I will get excited about talking with someone new, but then when it is time to meet them, I will find every reason I can, to avoid them.  Not because I do not like them, but because I like to be alone.  People are too worldly!  I do not like the games people play, and I will not play that game with them.  Believe me, some will ride a lie all the way to the grave.  Even when the truth is right in front of them, they will still make up excuses, and attempt to play dumb.    
   The dumb roll is the best way to get out of anything.  However, as I have said, I will not play any games.  I do not have time for those games, anymore.  The moment I see the flaw, I pull away, and pray for them.  I sometimes hate that I have been showed all the things that I have, been shown.  It is for that reason, that I enjoy being with Puddin, and Joey the Cat.  :)  At least I know them, and they will not try to play games.  I also like being around young adults.  Most of them are still not influenced by the ways of the world.  If you are older, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are a young person, then you will eventually learn what I am speaking about.  Hopefully, what I say will help you avoid that phase of life, and those individuals.  
   Those people who appear to never be happy, and to always being stirring up strife.  Are really happy, and the strife they stir up, only feeds their inner happiness.  They will run and tell lies on someone, and then come back to that someone, and act as if they are their friend, and trying to help them.  When it is themselves, who stirred up the trouble.  Oh, how I could just keep writing on this.  But, I am going to stop for now.  Be sure to scroll on down, and to read some more of my past thoughts.  And, if you see the link to my first Home Page.  Visit that page, and read that content.  You may find in some fun reading.  I am still working on my book, and I hope to have it complete, by the end of this summer.

Deep_South Skies - Sunrise and Sunsets in Southern Middle Tennessee

Deep_South Skies Sunrise in Sothern Middle Tennessee with Professional Photographer Doc OConnor

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Puddin is well known in my Videos, and in my Reddit Communities where I share stories about Our Walks



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"Positive Motivational Encouragement"
Doc Shares some Words of Wisdom

  Unknowingly, we Each Manage a Complex System's, operations.  We manage, Our Selves.  52 percent of your Body, consist of other Organic Life Forms.  And, on a Super Subatomic Level, we All Share Atoms and Super Subatomic Particles, which the Super Subatomic Particles, are the Basic Building Blocks of Atoms.  An on, this Super Subatomic Level, we each share the Same Image.  
  Another story, for another Time.  Each of our Bodies and Minds are all grand Structure's, or Pinnacle, Forms of Existence.  With our Minds Being a Complex Machine, just as Our Bodies are, Complex Machines.
    We all are Complex Forms of Existence, which Exist with-in, another Grand Form of Existence, Our Universe.  Hence:  "We all Exist, and we All are Existence" Just as, over half of our Bodies (52%) is Other Forms of Living Beings, (Creators or Organic Life) Each one of Us are Grand Creations of Earth, and Our Minds are the Grand Pinnacle of Our Universe, Our Creator, and Source.  The Magic is There, it is just waiting to be Found, and Set-Free!  You are close, and know that Something is Calling, and that inner Voice "IT", has been in your Ear, so you HEAR! IT's VOICE!
   Every Cord, which can be plucked, will be plucked, and the Finner/Better the Sound, the More A CORD will be Plucked.  Imagine This: "You are the Cord.  When someone makes you angry, you have just been Plucked.  How do you Vibrate.  Negative or Positive.  Rather you believe it, or not.  On a Quantum Level, this Vibration Matter's. More Exist in this World, then You. And You, are made up of more Forms of Existence, then the number of Human, which Exist on This World x 10 to the Power of 41.  Or Goggle Plex.  
   Sure, you are going to have moments which you are not Happy, but that is not others Reality, and they have no Clue about the Complex Emotions, memories and events, which forms the basis, of your thoughts. Just Wake Up and Realize.  It will come to Pass. An, you are Blessed to have Experienced any Emotion.  Which, all Emotions are nothing more than a Chemical Reaction, with-in Your Mind, which Releases other Chemicals, igniting even more Chemical Reactions.
   IF IT DOES NOT THREATEN YOUR LIFE, LET IT GO!  It just IS!  It has been, will be again, and just IS.  Let it go.  Working on editing my Newest Video Now. It goes along with what I just wrote about.  Thanks for reading and have a Blessed Day. --Doc




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