Deep_South Skies SunRise and Sunsets in Southern Middle Tennessee

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Deep South SunRise and Southern Middle Tennessee Sunset with Doc OConnor

Deep_South Skies Sunsets and Sunrises in Southern Middle Tennessee are Beautiful

  I catch both the sunrise and the sunsets.  However, I have lot's of images from the Sunsets here in Southern Middle Tennessee.  I have shared those pictures in many of my Social Media Post.  I have also shared a lot of them on my websites, but now I am creating a new section to my Website, just for these pictures

Deep_South Sunset in Southern Middle Tennessee by Doc Donnie OConnor Fayetteville TN

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Donald Doc OConnor
itisandiamit Chief Editor
February 19, 2023

    I enjoy taking pictures, just like most people.  I have been doing it for a long time, and become a professional when we were breeding English Bulldogs.  I had to take a lot of pictures or them and their puppies.  That is when I realized I enjoyed it. I also realized I had an eye for it.  Now, I fill up my phone storage on a daily basis.

   I will be sharing more of these Sunrise, and sunset pictures.  This will be the launching page for those images.  Thank you for visiting and the Below picture was recently taken when I was out for a walk with Puddin.  The abive picture was recently taken in my backyard.  Great views on both of them, and I had to share them.

Deep_South Sunrise in Southern Middle Tennessee with professional photographer Doc OConnor

  I have a lot of these images, which I have taken over the past year.  I will be sharing more of them, as well as, more stories about Life in Southern Middle Tennessee.  I post Videos on a daily basis, and I enjoy creating Videos, taking pictuers, and writing.  So, a website is perfect for me.  I am able to share all my content, and do  what I enjoying doing.  I enjoy creating websites too.  Thank you for visiting.  Contact Me anytime with questions, comments, or suggestions. 


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