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I intended to use this website to share the wisdom that I have gained in my lifetime. I have found happiness, and peace of mind, and I was wanting to share what knowledge I have gained, with others.  I am attempting to do that.  Yet, I am not doing it with words, or by telling anyone how to live.  I am leading by example.  My life, and the way I carry myself, and the things I do, are that which speaks for me.  
     My current GOAL is to help Small High School Athletes get more exposure.  I started out, by wanting to show the others how hard my brother, Coach OC, his staff, and Team, worked.  I wanted to show others what goes into being a Powerhouse Football team. And, I wanted to document Coach OC's coaching techniques, and drills.
   My player highlights were for the players, their families, and for College Coaches.  And, I am still doing my player highlights for the players, and for College Coaches.  If I see a good Athlete, I am going to point them out, and give them credit, for their accomplishments.     
  If you are an Athlete, and you believe you have the talent, but have not got exposure.  Contact me.  I will inform you on how to get me your videos.  Which is really simple, you can text, email, or send them to me through Instagram of Facebook Messenger.  If you are local, I would love to set up and interview, and be able to get some video of you playing, myself.  If you are a Coach and would like for me to highlight more than one player, you can contact me, and I can give you a login to my Cloud Server, and this will make it easy for you to get your videos to me. 
   I am looking for talented Athletes.  If you are a good athlete, and you work hard to be good, then I want to highlight you.  GOD blessed me with knowing how to develop websites, and how to setup web servers.  I don't know how I understand programming languages.  They just make sense.  It seems so simple, and I can't believe everyone cannot see it.  I may not be the best at graphic design, or at creating fancy videos.  But I understand how to get those videos out there.  I understand Search Engine Optimization.  I know how to get keywords into search engines, and have you, or your product found, with those keywords.  I have been doing that for over 25 years.  The proof is in the Pudding!  I did it with my English Bulldog website, for years.  I am not bragging.  Not at all.  I am thankful GOD has given me the chance to do what I do.  I really love my job, and what I do.  
   I can help you setup your Social Media presence.   If you are wanting to bring in more clients, or customers, I can help you with that.  I know how to get you, or your product, found.  So, do not hesitate to contact me, and let me go to work for you.  Same goes for Athletes.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you feel you are a good athlete and need more exposure.  I want to help you get that exposure.  
   If you are an Athlete and you need help setting up your X (Twitter) Account, Contact me, and I can help.

More of DOCs Personal Thoughts:

    One should never affect another's happiness, or right to live.  Live your life the best you can.  Strive to learn as much wisdom as you can, and never attempt to harm anyone, or effect another's happiness.  Always keep your word and help as many people as you can.  The rich man is not the one with all the money, but the man who wants for nothing.  Be happy with what you have and want for nothing.  

  I thank GOD, our Creator, and give GOD all the credit for everything.  Without GOD still giving me a chance, I would be a lost fool, trying to find my way in the dark.  GOD never give's up on you, and truly blessed me beyond anything I deserve.  I have been blessed with the skills to develop websites, and understanding computer technology.  My videos may not always be great, but I enjoy creating videos.  And I thank GOD for giving me the knowledge to create and share my videos.


   "Life has its up's and down's" a saying we all have heard. But in reality, "Life just is" There is no ups or downs.  Those are just label's, which we place on different moments of our life.  Until we label it, it just is.  Which it was from the very moment, it was.
   The next time someone starts to talk bad about someone who is not present, ask yourself what that person may have did, to make the one whom is talking about them, jealous.  That is why it is best to keep your mouth shut, unless you have something positive to say about someone.  We tell on ourselves, and speak truth, if someone only knows how to listen.  Even when we are lying, we tell the truth.  You will have to figure that one out on your own.  But, you will, one day.
  The man whom appears to be rich, is poor.  While the man whom appears to be poor, is rich.  All advice given, is not given with your best interest at heart.  Take head to trust your own mind.  We fool ourselves daily, and it is best to never think you know what is right.  Thoughts are cheap.  Action's are valuable.  Anyone can talk about what they are going to do. Trust those who lead by example, and not by words.

Doc's ( BIO)

  Thank you for visiting and for your interest in reading my Bio.  I am an open book, and I try to share as much about my Life, and interest as I can.  I enjoy creating Websites and Creating Content.  You can Click the Social Media Link to find out more about all my Social Media Outlets, and please check out my YouTube Channel, and give me some Likes, and Subscribe to my Channel.  

  If you have a website, and you are interested in growing your Link Share, then contact me.  I will link to your site, if you will link back to my site.  This will help us both out.  And, I have over 12 Websites in my Personal and Client Website Network.  If you are just interested in letting me help you grow your Profits, then contact me.  I can help your Profits increase, by helping your Product get viewed my more people.  My motto is: "I don't profit, until you Profit."  Meaning:  I don't want any money, until you see that I have helped you.

  Again, I thank you for visiting. If you need a website, or Cloud Storage contact me.  I have affordable prices, and I stick with my motto.    -- DOC

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I am IT Website Design Hosting & Marketing

Giles County Bobcats Football for Head Coach & Team
"I can install this same style website for You or your Team."  Great Social Media Website, for your own use.

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  If you own a website, and you are interested in sharing Links, then Contact Doc.  IF you would like to advertise, then Contact Doc.


 If you are interested in having me come speak at your Event or to your Attendee's, please contact me for more info.  I am available for any Event which you feel me speaking, would help others.  
   Being IRISH/INDIAN, I am known to spin a good yarn, and I have taken Public Speaking before, in college.  So, I would provide a Positive Motivational Encouragement Speech for your Event, Team, or group.
   It is important for people to find their inner-drive and know that they are part of something great.  I enjoy helping others find that inner-drive, and I am proof that you can rise-up from any situation you may find yourself in.  For it is in us to be successful, and Happy.  Both go hand and foot.
    I have open date's still available for this year.  So, CONTACT ME , and I will provide you with more info, or go ahead and Schedule a date for me to come to speak at your Event.  I welcome any Organization, School, Church, Business, Individual, Prison, or Team to the chance to have me come speak with them.  And I thank you in advance for allowing me to do so.  

    Please bookmark this Site and return soon, for I have much more to share.  I have a great story to share, and I feel that I have much more to offer this World.  Which is Why GOD has stuck with me and kept supporting me.  I am thankful that GOD never left me, and I want to share my Story with everyone I can.  To help show GODS glory. -- Doc


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   If you advertise with me, then you know real eyes are seeing your Ad's, and I will include you on my Network of Websites.  And I will share you in my Content Videos.  Local business owners, you will see the value of advertising with me.  Your profits and sales will increase.  If you are interested in Content Video Advertising, then Contact me for more info.  


Evil Worldly People will attempt to effect your Happiness & Peace

   Those whom are in Love with this World, and to affraid to Wake-Up, are easily control by this Worlds Prince of Darkness.  Therefore, they will attempt to create chaos and turmoil for thos whom hae Waken-Up.  And, they want even realize what they are doing.  Because they are under the spell of this World and this Worlds Rule.  The Evil One.
   Now, even as I write that, I have the think about what I am saying.  I truly believe this World and those of us in it, are just baby's.  And this is nothing more then Our Grand Day Care. Before our next form of Existance, we must learnCompasion and Love.  Or, we continue to repeat this level of Existence, until we have gained this compasion, love, and empathy.  
   Chiefly due to  the fact, that Our next form of Existence is one in-which it requires this of us. Due to the magtnitude of Power, we will require.  Now, again, this is just an opion which has came to me, after haveing laid down, an attempted to regain my composer, after someone had made me frustrated, due to their lack of clarity an understanding.
   Things of this World are nothing more then matrail items, which are nothing less then that which only exisit in this World. Therefore, these things are that which this World can use to cause conflict and strife, amongst us       
   Again I ask, what are you going to be able to take to the grave with you, and to the next level of Existence, once you have passed from this plain of Existence.  YOUR SOUL and hopefully the memories of that which we have reatianed, while in this plain of Existence.
  That's just it, none of are for sure, that we know.  Which is one of the main reason's, it scare us.  But, we have a little voice in our mind, which most of us call : "IT"  An it has spoke to each of us. Even in time when we need IT the most.  Like, when you are about to do something you shouldn't: "IT" is yelling stop.  
  We have just been conditioned not to listen to IT.  From birth, we are re conditioned with this Worlds plan for us.  But, you can shake that reconditioning off of ya, and regain the Clarity and knowlege, which you have had for an infinite about of time.  
   One of the major steps you can take, is to take 30 minutes our of each day, and disengauge yourself from this World.  "Quite Time"  Learn to become still, and allow yourself to become back in tune with YOU! The real you.  
    This World is meant to have been a present for us. We are suppose to enjoy this World, and gain our baring's. We are given a chance to experience things, as Our Creator Does, Every moment.  Yet, suomething went wrong, and we have some of that story in our Bible. But, I really believe the Bible was create by Our Ancient Ancestors, in an attempt to help us this Present, back in order.  
   What if some of us were living on Mar's, and then some on the Planet, which is now nothing more then pieces of a plannet. Which we can the Astroid Belt.  That instinct which we have labled as bad and selfishness, had taken a hold, and was given to much time to fester.  With great conflict being the final outcome! 
   In a last ditch effort, we we found that as the Sun cold, this planet, Earth could be habitabel, and we where given a final chance. Well, we do have Venus left.  But we where given, another chance, to get control of ourselve's.  Or, we would be destined to continue to Exist, within this plain, until there is nothing left for us to exist in, and we would then finally die out, forever.  
   Yet, those whom have learned to control themselves and have learned true comapsion and love, have been able to pass on to the next plain of Existence.  Every form of life on this planet, is a different form of life, which individually, could be the dominant form of Existence on some planet, in some solor system, in some Gallexy.  
   With this being the primary stageing point for all.  But, I merely dwrift off into thought, and my ADHD, is attempting to take hold, and let me dwrift from my topic. LOL  Guy's, if you will start to take 30 or even just 15 minutes, each day. To slow your mind down, and clear all the static in yor mind.  Then you will allow yourself to become intune with the ONE.  Our Creator.  Just as anythin, the more you do it, the eaiser it will get.  And you will being to shake your self awake, and become attuned with the ONE, and finially find Happiness and Peace.  For, that is what you are intended to have.  
   I do hope my rambling's today, can help someone gain just a little thread of insight, and help you find the Happiness, Peace and Love, which each of us deserve.  Take the time to help motivate and encourge others to do the same. And you will being to find that happiness.  For we all like helping people, even though, sometime, it doesn't seem that way
   As you can see, I am attempting to use my site to help as many people as I can, find happiness, and peace.  My words are intended for encouragement for others. An I am just now getting a clear mind. on how to lay my website out.  I say my Website, but it is all of Our's. An it is mainly for a platform for Our Creator, an all of us whom have Awoken, to help other's, do the same.  By providing Positive Motivational Encouragement, to do so.  
    Thank you for taking the time to read what I ahve wrote, and please bookmark this page, and help support this website, by watching some of my Video's, on my YouTub Channel. and subscribing to my YouTub Channel.  Here is links to some of my others page's, which have my fist Video's on.  This are also listed on my  YouTub Channel.  But, I provide them on my site too, just to make it easier to find them.  I will not change or delete any of these pages, so it is safe to Bookmark them. And feel free to contact me


DOC's FIRST VIDEO  (Shoot 1 week after being release from 5 years in prison)
DOC's SECOND VIDEO  (WHAT DO YOU WANT?  DOC's second video's theme)
DOC's THIRD VIDEO  ( Learn how to become good at something and find peace.)
DOC's FOURTH VIDEO ( WAKE-UP and find Happiness and Peace await's you!)

   I will be working on my website layout, to make it easier to read, and find info.  But none of my pages will be deleted, an I am adding many more.  I am adding more to my Prison Stories, which I plan on providing Links and helpful info for Families of Loved One's, whom are in Prison.  As well as, for those whom have been in Prison, and needing some help.
   I will try to write daily on my Blog, and will be setting it up to archive older Blog Entries. But, they will all still be available. Anyone whom would like to help out with this website, or whom has something to share, please Contact Me.  Leave your Contact Info, in the Body of the Subject, and I will return your message ASAP.  Or you are welcome to call or text me.  Which my number is provided after you fill our my Contact form, or in this CONTACT LINK.  Have a wonderful, blessed day.-- DOC