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IN the GAME with DOC part of iT is and I am iT @iTisandIamiT #itisandiamit and #inthegamewithdoc

@iTisandIamiT #itisandiamit or #inthegamewithdoc

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   For the past 2 seasons, I have covered the Giles County Bobcats Football Team.  It has been a great learning experience for me, and I have really enjoyed helping share more about the Bobcats Football Team.  However, I have decided to start covering Area High School Football Teams, this season.
   I am currently working on a 2024 Pre-Season Area High School Football Preview.  Which will include an interview with each Teams Coach, and a couple of their Players.  As well as some clips from their practices.  Then, during the Season, I will be at different Area High School Games on Friday Nights.  So, if you see me at your Game, you know I am there to gather content.  
   Look for more updates coming soon.  With, a schedule for which schools I will be visiting. Below you'll see a couple of images from the 2023 season.  This season, it could be your Team in my Videos.  You need to get, IN the GAME with DOC. YEAH!
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 Coach OC talks with Amare Smith.   Coach OC talks with Amare Smith during a Bobcats Football Practice 2023

#coachoc  #amaresmith  #itisandiamit #BobcatsFootball 

Coach OC During a Giles County Bobcats Football Practice 2023

Coach OC during a Giles County Bobcats Football Practice 2023

    I do not mind sharing videos on other schools, and I will share your videos, if you share them with me.  You can email, text me, or message me on any of my Social Media Platforms.  You can also give me a call, if you have a story or video you would like for me to share, or if you have any questions.  Click Here to Contact Me

   You can check back on this page in the next couple of Days, for new content, and an update on what my upcoming videos are about.  Plus, more about the Bobcats Spring Practice.