Think Before You ACT Part II - Know That You May Not Be Fully Aware

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   Think Before You Act Part !!

  There may be a time when you walk in on a situation, and think that you know what to do.  Here is an Example:

  You stop by a friends house, and they are working on an electric cord.  The electric cord looks good, and as they are talking, you walk around the corner, and see that it is unplugged.  You think: "Idiots, all they got to do is plug it in."  When you plug it in, you hear a scream come from under the house.  Then you see another one of your friends come out from under the house, mad.  You didn't even realize he was there, and the first 2 friends come around the corner, and look at you, like your the idiot.  Because you are.  
   That electric cord was good, it was actually another cord, under the house. That you could not see.  Now, this is a fictional story.  I tell a story about something that I did when I was 4 years old, in the video.  And it was somewhat similar.  It involved a Hay lift.  
   My point is: When you walk into a situation, do not believe that you are fully aware of what is taking place.  Even when it seems simple, and the easy fix is right in front of everyone.  They may already be aware of the easy fix, and it could be a lot more going on, then you are aware of.  
   Hope that makes since.  This can go in all walks of life, and you will find you way in the middle of something like this, just remember, it is best to keep your mouth shut, and observe.  "The drifter always knows all the ways to do something. And has all the answers."  "The successful man knows the keep his mouth shut."

    I hope this helps and believe me, you will find you way in the middle of something like this.  When you do, remember to keep your mouth shut.  And observe. 

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