Docs Deep_South Blog January 8 2023 - Country Life Life Events and Everything In-Between

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Docs Deep_South Blog Post Country Life Life Events and Everything In-Between

Sunday January 8th, 2023, 10:15 pm Docs Blog Entry

Country Life is Beautiful in The Deep South of Southern Middle Tennessee with Doc.


Country Life is Beautiful Doc enjoys his weekend in the Deep South of Southern Middle Tennessee

 Country Life is Beautiful!
Docs First Blog Post of 2023

  The Week of Christmas 2022 was one of the coldest Weeks we have recorded in Southern Middle Tennessee.  In a long time.  My Brothers had went down South, to Gulf Shores, while Puddin, Joey the Cat, and Myself stayed behind.  I had a lot of Website work to catch up on, and I was wanting to Create some New Videos.

  Well, I was able to get the Website finished:  www.Barndo.PRO, and I created a Facebook Page for my Client. Which you can see, if you visit the Website.  And, I did create a few Videos.  Just not the one's I have been wanting to do.  I will be starting on them later tonight, or first thing tomorrow.

  I have also started updating this website, and some of my others, as well as, updating my Reddit Communities, and some of my Social Media Platforms.  My newest Reddit Community is r/Deep_South, check it out, if you get the chance.  And, if live in the Deep South, share some of your Stories, Videos, and Images.  Let your future family members know what life is like, now.

  Think about it this way. 20, or 50 years down the road, the Content that is on these Websites, and Social Media Platforms will be available for your future family members to see.  So, take the time to share information for them.  Just like us, they will be trying to find as much info as they can, or their past family members.  Make it easy for them.  

  That is one of the reasons I am creating a lot of the Content that I have been creating, and starting as many Social Media Outlets, as I can.  I want to make it easy for my future family's members to know about me, and my life now.

  If you are reading this, then I want to THANK YOU for taking the time to read my Blog.  I am trying to create content on my Website for my Followers, and Subscribers, that provides more info about myself, and the Content I create.  This allows you guys to know more about me.  Please feel free to Contact Me anytime.  I enjoy hearing other stories, and if you just need to hear some positive words, then I am here.

  If have taken the time to Subscribe or Follow me, then I would also like to make sure that I am Following you.  So please let me know if I am not, so that I can.  The only way we can grow and start creating a positive world for our future family members, is if we start now!

  I truly believe that we are living in some strange times.  I really feel that we may be actually living in the End Times.  It appears the signs are all falling in place.  And please do not think I am mad, or crazy, but the Holy Spirit, and GOD has been sharing this with me for a while now.  I really feel like it has been placed on me to spread the Word for everyone to wake up.  And to use my GOD given talents to do just that.  

  I am working on updating all of my websites.  So, please keep checking them out, and please keep watching my Videos, and giving me some Likes!  It really helps me out when you do, and when you share my Videos.  But, I am not so much worried about all that.  I believe it is time for us to start getting ready for what is about to come. Message me and let me know what you think! -- Doc Contact ME