Meet Coach John Kirk
Giles County High School Football
Coaches Offensive Line

POSTED on Docs YouTube Channel
May 8th, 2023 
ITs in the GAME BABIE with Doc

   I am excited about the Bobcats 2023 season.  Mainly because I know the Coaching Staff and the Kids are Hard workers.  Also, this season I have a better understanding of what my plan is.  I cover the social media, and all IT media work for the Bobcats.  My brother, Coach OC, is the head Coach, and this is something I have always done for him.  We are able to adjust with the times, and now social media is something that allows us to help promote Our Players and team.  So, I am using it to out advantage.  Last year, I mainly created Short Video Highlights, after each game.  This year, I am taking it a step further, and doing long videos, as well.  Which is what the above video is.
   I kick myself in the tale for not already being on top of this, and it is something I should have already been way ahead of everyone else.  I plan on showing Videos of each position Coach, coaching their positions, and showing more about what goes into Coaching a winning High School Football program.  The good LORD willing, and the creek don't rise, I am going to be able to do just that this season. 
   I am updating now.  Which is the teams and Coach OC's website.  I wish I could still use Adobe Flash to develop the website, however, they have stopped Adobe Flash, and this has really put a damper on creating interactive websites.  The Bobcats 2009 website was all Adobe Flash and was fully interactive.
  I am now creating individual pages for each Coach and each Player.  Along with, prepping the pages for each Season Game.  I have last years Highlight and info still on the website, but now I believe I have a better plan.  Hopefully this plan will allow me to make it easier for College Coaches to find out more about each one of our players, and more about our Team.
  Coach Kirk is a great Coach, and I am glad to be able to share his wealth of Football knowledge with everyone.  Same goes for all of our coaches.  The Long Videos will only be available on this website, Coach OC's website. and my YouTube Channel.  However, I will post all Short Videos to all of my social media account.  
  I even started a Face Book Page for the Team.  It is called Bobcats Football.  They have the schools Facebook page, and you are not allowed to post individual images or videos to it.  So, I am hoping the Page I created will allow the Bobcats Fans to share their Images and Videos and give us all a place to voice out thoughts on the Team.