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Deep_South is Docs Newest Reddit Community about Country Life in the Deep South of Southern United States

Thanks for visiting. You have now reached the Landing page for Docs Newest Reddit Community.  Doc will be updating and adding new Content here, to allow his Followers to keep up with his newest Post.  This will be a great place to connect and share more info about your County Life, and what life is like, where you live.

Some of Docs Hashtags, which make it easier to find Docs Content.  

#DeepSouth  #Deep_South  #ITisandiamIT  #CountryLife #LifeintheCountry #countryliving

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Country Life in the Deep South living in the County in Southeastern United States

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Docs Newest Reddit Community is Deep South about Country Life in the United States, here Puddin aka Shadow and Doc are on a walk

I will be sharing more of Me and Puddin’s walk, and Daily Events, here. Which will include: more images and videos. Along with personal accounts on each. 
It has taken me a little time to wrap my head around what to post, and what route to take. I feel like this is something interesting for you, and for someone in the Future, who may run across this page and website.

Think about this: 100 years from now, we will be long gone. Maybe, with technology going the way it is, only GOD knows this. But, if things go as normal, we will be gone. But, this page and website will be save on a server stack, and someone 100 years from now will be able to see what Deep South Country Life was like. 
Hope this helps you better understand why I am doing this. Plus, it is for you and those like you, who are interested in what Life is like in different parts of the World. I personally Thank You, and welcome you to contact me with any tips, comments, or suggestions. — Doc

Docs newest Reddit Post on December 28, 2022 
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Deep South is Docs Newest Reddit Community Click the Image to visit this Community on Reddit.

Country Life is Beautiful!  We enjoy each day, and I enjoy sharing Our Days.  I do it not just for tomorrow, but for 100 years from now.  Think about it.  I may not be around, but if the Earth is still here, then this Content and the Early days of the Internet will be deeply searched by those in the Future, and they will want to know what life was like for us.  Well, I am providing them the food for their brain. 

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#Deep_South #DeepSouth #ITisandiamIT #itisandiamit #CountryLife #CountryLiving