NEW AVIAN FLU, a.k.a. Bird Flu, is the Newest Threat to Americans

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Map showing how the Bird Flu H5N1 has spread around the World.

  Daily Mail is reporting that scientists have said: "This could be 100 times worse than Covid" : Bird flu warning from scientists who say HALF of infections with H5N1 in people are fatal - as White House says it's 'monitoring' the situation.  You can Click Here to read Luke Andrews Article, on Daily
   I first heard Alex Jones talking about this new strain of Bird Flu, and the above article link, was the first article I read about this new Virus.  Many are making some wild claims about this new strain.  With some saying that the United States, and China had created this strain.  Actually, GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky shared a screenshot of a February 2024 Daily Mail article with the headline, “REVEALED: US is collaborating with Chinese scientists to make bird flu strains more infectious and deadly as part of $1m project – despite fears similar tests unleashed Covid.” You can see his X post below.  


Map showing different Mammals and the areas where they have been infected with the Bird Flu H5N1 virus.

   As we can see from the above map, this new Bird Flu variant has become rather dangerous.  Humans are not the only ones who have to be worried about catching this new virus.  Our cats, and other family pets run a high risk in becoming infected with the H5N1 Bird Flu.  One report showed that 3 cats had died after becoming infected with the H5N1 Bird Flu.  We have to ask ourselves, is the open southern border part of the reason why this new virus has made it into Our Country.  No one will ever know the answer to that, but it is here. Below is what the New York Post said on their X account, about this new Bird Flu.

The New York Post had this to say on X about this latest Bird Flu outbreak.

    The Daily Mail spoke with Big Pharma insider John Fulton about the outbreak, with Fulton telling the outlet, “This appears to be 100 times worse than COVID — or it could be if it mutates and maintains its high case fatality rate.”  

Here is what the Russian Embassy had to say. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense also claimed the Ukrainians tried to destroy the biolab in an effort to cover up the U.S. avian flu research.

“According to the employees who remained in the Reserve, the Ukrainian side offered them a large cash reward for removing or destroying the research results,” the ministry stated.

The World Health Organization had warned of a potential bird flu outbreak back in February of 2023, and the U.S. started work on producing vaccines for both birds and humans. Now, during an election year, just like with covid, we now have a new deadly virus, that is threatening Americans. 

   Greed is the real bug.  We have already seen that the Deep State will go to any level needed, to push their agenda.  Now that we no longer have to depend on State News, it is becoming harder for the Deep State to function, as usual.  However, that has not seemed to slow them down. 
   Some are calling this Covid 2.0, and they are saying that "Stay In Place" orders will be coming, around September of this year.  That worked in 2020.  And many enjoyed the break.  I have actually heard people talking about that they wish it would have lasted longer. That scares me. How easy we will give up our freedom, just to be lazy home bodies.  People have no idea what is at stake, and how bad things could get.  We think that life is hard, and that staying at home, would not be that big of a deal.  Our Forefathers are rolling in their graves.  All the lives that were lost, just to get us Freedom.
   Though, it does appear that we have gone right back under the rule of a King, and we are still paying the King high taxes.  Only we do not call him King, we call him Uncle. Amazing that we have all been fooled, and we all go right on along with the act. We are all still slaves to the crown, only now we believe we are free.  

   Sure, this strain of the Bird Flu may be bad, but all strains of the Flu are bad. They always have been. Remember the H1N1 Bird Flu, back in 2008 and 2009.  I see how these people operate now.  The big Pharma, and the War Pigs each get their turn.  Go ahead a grease up good and take it like a man.  This is what we have allowed it to come to.  
   I find it really odd that we are in another election year. Only problem is, none of us know who to trust.  The entire Covid bug was a scam.  The 6-foot rule was made up, and we all remember how every place was going way out of their way, to make sure no one came within 6 feet of each other.  We all were treated like fools.  Pick which ever adjective you want. There is no need for me to sugar coat anything.   6 feet rule was fake, mask did not stop Covid, neither did the plastic shields, which gas stations, banks and other places put up. For that matter, a lot of the gas stations and doctors' offices still have those plastic shields in place.  These News outlets, and Social Media Platforms all helped them push a false narrative.  We look at North Korea and think about how bad they have it.  Yet, I am sure they are looking at us, and thinking the same thing.  When someone tries to tell us the truth, they are made to look like the liar, and many have been killed.  Amazingly, Donald Trump has not been, and he told us the entire time about the Fake News outlets. We all know Trump is not an Angel, but at least Our Nation was in a better condition, when he was in Office.  CNN ran stories around the clock about him.  If anyone still watches CNN, they are complete idiots.  The only real source of News we have, are the citizens who report what they see on social media.  However, if they say the wrong thing, then they are banned, or their statements are removed.  So, we are really wondering around in the blind.  
   We cannot trust the World Health Organization.  Here, they are saying that this new Bird flu, has a 50 % death rate.  That is a scary percentage. That is what they want. They want to scare us.  They have hit us at every angle.  Train wrecks carrying deadly chemicals, flying planes into buildings, claiming WARS, that we had no business being in the Middle of.  Our FBI, CIA staged the January 6th debacle, and this has all been shown to the Public, in the recent House Commitee meetings.  Yet, no one has lost their jobs.  Entire armies have probably come across the borders, and they are still pouring into our Country. It has been proven that President Biden and his family have been taking money from foreign governments, and he is still in office. They said that President Biden was allowing for planes to fly immigrants into our Country. One was suspected of raping an underage girl.  The way it looks, Biden is on the Cartels pay roll.  Then, we hear the Democrats still trying to cover for him in the current impeachment hearings.  Each one of those Democrats need to be voted out of office.  We need to vote all new people into office, and we have to stop allowing them to control who gets put into office. Anyone of the Senators or Representatives who have been in office for 8 years, need to be voted out.  No one should be allowed to hold a public office for longer than 8 years.  I really feel like 4 years would be even better.  Then they could not set up a monopoly.  We are humans.  Greed and corruption get to the best of us. We become delusional and see it as if it is owed to us, and that we are not doing anything wrong.  Sure, we do the right thing most the time.  But you know exactly what I am talking about.
  Those Democrats, who we hear taking up for Biden, are reading just what was given to them to read.  Why?  Because they have been told that they will keep their jobs, and they may even owe some favors, for money that was donated, or many other reasons.  They are just Power hungry.  Either greed, or power corrupts us all.  It took me years to face that, and to finally be happy with nothing.  I realized that it took not wanting anything, and being happy with what I got, to finally find happiness, and peace of mind.  Yet, this world continues to try and pull me right back into that mindset.  They dangle the carrot in out face, and we chase it till we die.  Not me! I am happy with my simple country life, and I no longer care about what others think of me, or what I have.  
  That is where they get us. We lie to ourselves and think no one really knows us.  But they know us.  They know us, better than we know ourselves.  Now, you may have just read that, and now you are sitting there lying to yourself, and telling yourself how stupid I am, and how I do not know you. Bullshit!  I know you!  Believe me, I know you. We need average, everyday Americans in Office. The problem is, they make it where that cannot happen.  We have to put an end to the corruption and stop thinking that it is too big for us to deal with.  Or it is going to be too big for us to deal with.
   Why have they not arrested, and put Fauci, and all those who led us down that false path, in Prison?  All the Fake News Stations, and any media outlet that encouraged and pushed the false agenda, should all be boycotted, and put out of business.  Will that happen? Nope, and that's why they just keep sticking it to us.  They realize that they have an entire herd of sheep, who have no balls.
   All the Politicians who have put us in this mess, should all be arrested and tried for Treason. All those who helped put Biden in Office, should all be tried for Treason.  They have been stealing our Tax Money for years.  Here it is, right in our face, and they are getting bolder and bolder.  Thats what happens when you get away with corruption for so long.  You eventually feel like you are invincible, and that you can do whatever you want.  
   So, can we trust this new data about the newest Avian Bird Flu H5N1 strain?  50/50. My favorite thing to say about anything.  Nothing is ever what it appears, and nothing is 100 % for sure, unless you just witnessed it, with your own eyes. Then, you do not know if it is for sure, or a great magicians act.  What I do know is, big pharma, and the war industry, have got their lobbyist deeply embedded into Our government leaders' pockets.  Thanks to current technology, we are finally getting an eye behind the screen that has kept them hidden from us, for years.  Make sure you wash your hands, and maybe we will make it through this newest Avian Bird Flu, that has continued to mutate, ever since it first emerged.  I will keep you updated on any news that I find, and on how it is effecting my local area.