Docs Review - Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville Alabama

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Docs Review - Huntsville Hospital Review Huntsville Alabama

Docs Review - Huntsville Hospital 

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I visited Huntsville Hospital March 14, 2023. Around 7:00 a.m. I was accompanying my older Brother, who was having something done, to check his Heart. We parked in the parking garage and entered via the elevator, and then I walked outside and entered through the main entrance. As you will see I. The Video. The I.C.U. Waiting room is on the 1st Floor, near the parking garage entrance, and just before the Lobby. They have several different waiting areas, depending on where your loved ones are located. The ICU waiting room has lots of space and comfortable chairs. They also have indigo lockers, bather rooms and showers, in the ICU waiting room. Along with a nice snack area, where Local Churches bring food and other items to help those who are there. Really nice waiting room. You enter the Emergency Room, from the parking garage, as well. They have 5 parking decks and always room on the top deck, to park close to the entrance. You have to stop at the front desk, in the main Lobby, to check-in, get a mask, and a name tag. They tell you directions and were very helpful and polite. The Hospital is clean, and the staff was very polite and helpful. The Doctors, Nurses and attendants where all great. They have bathrooms available on every floor. You can get coffee I. The ICU waiting room, and the Outpatient waiting room. They will ask for a phone number, so they can reach you, in case you stepped out to use the restroom. And the doctor needs to reach you. Huntsville Hospital has grown over the years and is now spread out across many blocks and streets. But they provide an easy way to move around the entire facility. The Heart Center is great, and I will be writing a review on there and the staff. They have a TRAM, in case you need to travel around the hospital, to different areas. And the TRAM is very clean. I highly recommend Huntsville Hospital. Polite, clean, and professional. They even have a great dining area. Their food court has great food and several different styles of food to choose from. Along with the neat little food court, when you are first entering from the Lobby. Smoking area’s are designated in the Parking garage, near the ER. And Huntsville Hospital is a smoke free facility. You can buy your parking garage tokens by the Elevator near the Parking Garage. Either when you first enter, or as you exit. Or you can pay at the Exit locations. Either with cash or by using your Card.

Hunstville Hospital Heart Center
Huntsville Hospital Heart Center Google Maps Review by Docs Review

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