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A good Laugh is always a good way to lighten your spirit and to brighten your day.  If you feel that the day is not going well, or you are having a bad day.  Do something, or find something that will make you laugh.  The head image to this page is: When Online Dating Goes Wrong!.  When I saw this image on Twitter, I had to bring it into my editing software  and add the Text to it.  It sure made me laugh just thinking about it.  Scary too, but really funny to me.  Of coarse, of you are the person whose date this is, then it may not be funny to you.  (Read more at Bottom of Page, below Images

PRISON STORIES Doing Time in Tennessee Prisons

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   Thanks for visiting.  Yes, I have been to Prison, and I feel like it was something GOD meant for me to do.  I feel like anything that occurs in ones life, is something that was meant to occur.  IF you believe in GOD and the Bible, then you are aware of the statement, that there is nothing new under the sun, and GOD has known us, before birth.