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    Thanks for visiting, and for your interest in my Reddit Community, Prison_Stories_TN.  This Community is for those who have Family members in Prison, and for those who may be going to Prison.  Or, those who just want to know more about Prison.

    I am outlining every feature and helpful facts about Prison Life, in order to help others better understand Prison Life.  Anyone can end up in Prison, and you never know what the next hours, day or week, has in store for you.  

PRISON STORIES Doing Time in Tennessee Prisons

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   Thanks for visiting.  Yes, I have been to Prison, and I feel like it was something GOD meant for me to do.  I feel like anything that occurs in ones life, is something that was meant to occur.  IF you believe in GOD and the Bible, then you are aware of the statement, that there is nothing new under the sun, and GOD has known us, before birth.