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Monday Night 10:40 p.m.
February 22. 2023

   It has been another beautiful day, here in Southern Middle Tennessee.  Puddin and I have got Our walks in.  Though we will go for one more, after I finish updating this site.  Check Out the Video I posted to my social media platforms. #ITisandiamIT and I even added it to my Reddit Community r/Deep_South


   I first Post to my Facebook Page, then My YouTube Channel.  Both of these are @ITisandiamIT.  I then add to all my others.  In the one above.  I got the Video Last night. The one of Puddin and Joey the Cat was taken, just after we had got back inside, last night.  When I was looking back at my Videos, what you see in the Video, is what came to mind.
    I spoke with my preacher Brother Eric, today.  We are supposed to eat Lunch together tomorrow.  Which I am excited about.  I have a lot I would like to speak with him about.  Like the Events that have been taking place, and which direction I feel everything is going,
   What amazes me is the fact that a lot of people have been thinking that the end of time is near.  I know that I feel like GOD has been getting louder in my Ear, and that I have been feeling like Time was nearing end.  At least Our Time on Earth.    Message me, if you have anything you would like to add about this topic.
  Project Blue Beam is a really fascination story.  And it is one I heard from my old Elementary Principal Butch MacGraph.  When cable TV came out, Butch said that they were trying to get a box small enough, that everyone could have in their house, and would connect everyone.  Next came Cell Phones.  And now, everything is in Place for the Anti-Christ to emerge.    
   All I can recommend is, get close to GOD.  GOD is always listening and has open arms for anyone who is ready to speak with Our Great Creator.  I know GOD had great understanding a patience with me.  And GOD never gave up on me.  And I am very thankful for that.  I am amazed every day at all the Blessing GOD makes available to me.
   I would love to be able to start doing social media Videos for Preacher and his Church.  The name of this Church is Family Worship Center, in Hazel Green, Alabama, Brother Eric and his family are great people, and I have full faith in Him.  His Love for GOD is legit.  I also feel like it is meant for all of Us to be at this point in Time, together.  GOD is Perfection, and all that GOD does is Perfection.  He designed this Time to be the way it is; therefore, it is Perfection.  
   As you can see, I have given my Blog a Facelift, and I am starting to organize it a lot better.  I feel that I have a task at hand, and this is going to help me fulfill that task.  I have made Videos about: Wake-Up!  I believe it is my job to Wake-Up as many brothers and Sisters as possible.
  I will be sharing more Stories, Pictures, and Videos in my Blog.  Also, I am going to start sharing some helpful info.  Thank you for visiting and be sure to look around my website.  It is ad free and I do not collect any of your Data.  Any Data that is saved, is deleted after a Week, and I do this every week.  You can also notice that this site works well on any mobile device.  Any website I do, is like that.  

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