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DOCs Blog Post
This is my First Blog Post  (Note: Scroll down for a list of all my blog post)
September 22, 2022   

     I am a long-winded guy, especially when we are talking about something that I enjoy talking, about.  I just shared a good Article on September 24th, which I ran across on the Insider.  Click here to read it.   I have another good Article on this DOOMSDAY DATE, which I wrote, myself.  It covers my thoughts on this, an I share a little more info with you.  Which, I wrote more then I intended, but it was about something I enjoy talking about.  Both of these two Links provide you with enough info, for you to be able to make a Solid judgement about this whole thing.  CLICK HERE for more info on the Article I wrote last night.  It is Titled Doomsday Alert. In it, you will see that I do not believe it is going to be a TRUE DOOMSDAY EVENT.  If I believed that was happening, then I do not believe I would be updating my website's.  Nah, I'd be with Family, and friends.  Partying, and Enjoying my Last Days on Earth. ;)

YouTube Short Created by Doc
September 22, 2022

    A video I created today, and it was another one of those false flag warnings that was spreading on the internet.  I feel they are setting us up for something, just not sure what it is they are setting us up for.  I just trust in GOD, and love my family and friends.

  I am starting to pull this Site together, and it is starting to look more like the Site I wanted.  This site is intended for me to share as much info as I can, which may help others.  From my own Struggles to things which I have Learned, over the years.

  I am starting a Sub-Section, on The Universe & Space.  My favorite TOPIC!  I figure, since I enjoy researching new Space Tech, and learning about all the newest advancements, I should do a Section on it.  The Bible tells us not to worry with those things.  So, I don't worry about it.  But I do like talking about it.  

    I am constantly restructuring this Site. As time passes, you will be able to watch my website's grow.  I maintain more than 9 Sites, and 3 of them I work on daily.   2 for sure.  This Site, and my Brothers, which is a Site about Coach OC, and The Bobcats High School Football Team.

    Not to mention, I have a Class Reunion coming-up this weekend.  So, you will be able to get my view of how things go, along with Videos and Images from it.  I have already Created one Video about the Upcoming Reunion, which was talking about September 24th, an I State that: "I know it's Going Down on the 24th, because it is our Class Reunion.  I can't believe everyone knows it's going down."  I was joking, but I do find it interesting that we are having Our Runion on September 24th.  But I feel like the only thing going down, is a lot of old people talking about when they were KIDS! :) HA!

    Guy's, if you are reading this, then you are interested in some of the things I have to say, and my thoughts on things.  I want to thank you, and I also want you to know that I will not share FALSE or FAKE NEWS, in order to get Views.  If I tell you a frog can pull a truck, you better hook it up.  My WORD is all I have, and I only want to help others!  Thats all I have ever wanted to do.  

   Thanks to you guys who are my normal viewers, and I want you to know that this SITE will grow.  Football Season is a difficult time for me.  I have a lot to juggle during this Time of the Year.  But I will always make time, for this site.  Give me a year and see how much this site grows!  All of you, who are regulars, you will always have free access to this WEB PORTAL.  Message me, an if I know you, I will set your account up, so you can make comments, and leave your own Articles.  Great Platform for those of you who I know, who like to write.

  Crazy thing is: In school I never liked writing.  --DOC  YEAH!

NOTE: March 8, 2024

   As I look over my first Blog Post, I can remember the day I wrote it.   I did not make it to our class reunion.  I just wanted to add that.  It is almost a 1 year and a half past when I wrote the above blog post.  You can scroll down and check out more of my post. Nothing exciting, but I am starting to share more of my thoughts, now.  Also, if you are a friend, I want to invite you to check out my Personal Social Media App.  It is my secrete, and secure App.  And it is only for my friends. This is the link.  Follow it, then create your account, and check it out.  Leave your first post, and I will know you are there, and I will reply.

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