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Docs Deep_South Blog Post February 22, 2023, CountryLife Life Events and Everything In-Betweem

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February 22. 2023
   It has been a beautiful day here in Southern Middle Tennessee.  Windy, yet the temp's have been lovely.  Got all my walks in with Pudding, and added some new Pages to my newest website, 1st Amend Audit.  You can click the name to visit that website.  I am going to be creating a New Home Page for the Site, yet the main structure and layout is complete.  
  I am now wishing that I had used Dreamweaver to have created the site.  However, I have been on my Drupal binge, and I do enjoy working with Drupal. Drupal is a great Content Management System (CMS) and makes it easy for others to help me update or add to the Website.
   I have been wanting to create a Citizen Reporter Website, which would allow those who wanted to, to have their own Local Section, on the Website.  And allow them another Platform to voice their thoughts.  I did create a Video Today.  Click Here to Check it Out It is on my Newest Website.
  I will be spending next Week completing moving all my Sites to my Newest Dedicated Servers.  I will also, be working on my Reddit Communities.  I have to take the chance to Thank GOD for all the blessings, and for not giving up on Me.  I really feel like we are living in some odd times, and that there is more going on, the We realize.  I actually feel like I heard the Holy Spirit tell me last night: "It has begun."  Sure, you can think that I am crazy, and I may be.  But the voice in my head keeps telling me I have to start back on my Primary mission.  Which was to create My Network of Websites, and then use those Sites to Voice the Message, which I feel GOD and the Holy Spirit are sharing with Me.
  Please Bookmark this site and return tomorrow.  I will be adding a new Blog Post every day, and I will be sharing the Messages I feel like I am supposed to be sharing.  The main Message is: "Wake-up!"  It is time for all of Us to wake-up, and snap out of the Daze, this World has us in.  --Doc

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