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Docs Blog Post March 4 2023 About Puddin Playing and Irish Eyes Roofing

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Saturday Night 6:10 p.m.
March 4, 2023

   Added a new Video yesterday for my Newest Website Design and Development Client.  The Name of the new website is  A Roofing Company which my Cousin Jimmy Sullivan started, and I am excited to be doing his website and his Social Media Videos.  The Video I posted for His Company yesterday can be found below the Video I posted of Puddin today.  Here are the Videos, and below them you can read more of today's Blog Post. Continue Blog Post Below Videos:

March 4, 2023 Social Media Video
Now Paws Playing Catch with Puddin inside

Video Description:

   Playing Catch with Puddin, inside, on a rainy day.  Puddin is an extremely active dog, and we are use to walking 6 or more mile a day, now.  When it rains outside Puddin can get restless, and that makes it hard for me to get any work done.  So, I try to find ways for her to still get her exercise, and to entertain her.  You can see Joey the Cat in the end of the Video.

March 3, 2023 Social Media Video
Irish Eyes Roofing Promo Video

Video Description:

   It was a rainy day, and this is the same day I got the Video from the above Video, when I was playing with Puddin.  Though I waited till today to post the video of Puddin.  Irish Eyes Roofing covers a large Service area.  His slogan is  From Texas to Tennessee and Everywhere in Between.  
  I am still updating, and working on finishing it up, now.  So, if you are looking to repair your roof, or you need a New roof, contact them, and they will look out for you. Just tell Jimmy Doc said Hey! "When you do" 

Docs Blog Post March 4, 2023 Continued:

  While me and Puddin where out for our Morning walk, we heard a loud crash, and we went back out to the road, and looked North and saw that there had been a car wreck.  Living in the County, you do not get too much excitement, so we had we had to walk on down, and check it out.  You can see the pictures I took, and added to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagrams Account.  

Here is My Facebook Post. Check it out and Give Me a Like.

    Continue Blog Entry:

   As you can see, We have had a busy day.  I am starting to update my Blog Post on a regular basis, now.  So bookmark my site, and return on a regular basis, and you will be able to learn more about Our Life in the the Deep_South.  What I am also calling: County Life #CountryLife  I will be sharing a lot of the Images I take, which include a lot of pictures of Our Sunsets.  I look forward to sharing Our Daily Life with you, and I welcome you to visit my Contact Me Page, or Friend me on FaceBook.  So, I can get to know you.

Docs Blog Post #Deep_South #CountryLife 
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