Alex Murdaugh Jail Phone Calls Asking for Money Docs Prison Stories Blog Post March 5 2023

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Alex Murdaugh Jail Phone Calls Asking for Money Docs Blog Post Prison Stories pst

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Saturday Night 1:59 p.m.
March 5, 2023

    This morning I started my day off with a walking Puddin.  As I walk I check my messages, and the News.  I noticed a Post somewhere about Alex Murdaugh's Jail House Phone Calls.  The main point behind them was Alex calling to ask for Money.  If you know me, then you are aware that I have been to Prison.  I don't hold any grudges, and I accept it for what it is.  A great learning experience.  Plus, a place I feel GOD put me for a reason.
   That said, as I listened to Alex asking for money, I had flash backs of calling my brother, and doing the same thing.  In Alex case, his family seems to still speak with him, my one brother was the only one who would accept a call from me, and he sent me money.  So, as I heard him talking, I could remember having to do the same thing.
   Now, when you go to putting money on other people books, or when you start getting Green Dot Money Packs, Cash App, Western Union, or putting it on people's books, that rings a bell in people's heads who have never been locked up.  And for good reasons.  What could they be buying.
   Well life goes on behind bars, and it is not always illegal activity.  In Alex case, he tells a great story.  I know a lot of people who put money on other people books, just so they can order more items on Store.  I am about to do a Video Review of the Phone calls, as well as a Reddit Article on my Reddit Community r/Prison_Stories_Tn

Truth About sending money to people in Prison and asking for money

Commerce Behind Bars

   If you have watched any of My Prison Videos or read any of the post on my Reddit Community, then you may already have some idea about Commerce Behind Bars.  Jail is a lot different than Prison.  In Prison you have Store Men who lone Commissary (Canteen) items.  When they loan them out the pay back can be 1 item for 2 items back.  Or, if you know someone, 2 items for 3 items back.  Then, you also can buy Commissary sacks.  You can Cash App, or get a Green Dot Money Pack and buy a Commissary Sack.  These usually go for: $25, and you get $17 worth of Commissary.  Again, the amount you get for $25 can vary depending on who you are and who you are dealing with.  Also, on your bargaining skills.  Reddit Community r/Prison_Stories_TN.

Cash App and Green Dot are your 2 main ways of buying black market items in Prison.

Cash App and Green Dot Money Packs

 Cash App and Green Dot Money Packs are the two top ways of bargaining in behind bars.   Now, most County Jails you want see much of this going on.  It is in Prison where you see most of these types of dealing going on.  Where I was at, you could get anything you wanted with those 2.  It used to be Green Money.  Which is what we called Cash Money, in Prison.  And you did a lot of streets to street, or Western Unions. That was back in the early 2k's, and earlier.  It has advanced with time. Street to street was your people getting a postal money order and mailing it to the person you were dealing with.  Those days are long gone.  It moved to PayPal, and now it is hard to find anyone using PayPal. 
   Tobacco is a huge Commodity.  1 medicine cup of Brown (Tobacco) can cost 25-50, depending on where you are at.  We would sale 3 medicine cups for 25, and those guys that bought it, would turn around and sale 1 medicine cup for 25 or more.  Money talks in Prison.  If you got money, then you are going to get what you want.  But, you have to be man enough to keep it.  The vultures are always lurking.  

    Reddit Community r/Prison_Stories_TN.

With Cash App and Green Dot in Prison and Jail you can buy Drugs, Food, and anything that someone is Hustling.

You can Buy Food, Drugs, Tobacco etc.. 

  If you have money, you can buy Food, Drugs, Tobacco, Clothes, and anything someone is Hustling.  You can pay someone to clean your room, wash your clothes, and do your sewing.  The large amount of Cash App and Green Dot money is spent on Drugs and Tobacco.  As I said above, you will have access to anything that is available.  Usually, if you spend good money, then you are baited in by having things given to you on front.  And you have to be very careful.  If you say you are going to pay it on a certain day, then you best have it.  If not, then it is going to keep doubling every day, if not worse. 

   I am about to write about this on my Reddit Community r/Prison_Stories_TN.    I had a front row seat to everything that goes on in Prison.  If it was moving or shaking, then I knew about it.  The only thing you have to do is keep your word and be righteous.  You have to be able to stand-up for yourself.  If you can do that, then Prison will not be so bad for you.  The main thing is: Keep your Word.  If you say something, then back it up.  

   If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime.  I do not mind speaking with anyone who needs to know more about Prison.  I still speak with guys who are still in Prison and put money on a couple of my Dawgs books.   I met some great people in Prison, but I also met some real characters.  When I was locked up it felt like there was not enough time in the day.  And I stayed busy.  Which made my time fly.  Burners or cell phones have gone up in places I know about, but you can believe they are there.  They cost around $1200-$1400 now.  At one time, we where moving them for 200-450.  That was at the top of the chain.  On down, it was more around 600-750.  
    I am going to be doing a video on this this week, and I will be covering the Alex Murdaugh Jail phone call many people have heard.  Where Alex is asking for money.  I mentioned it at the first of this entry. Don't forget to check out the rest of my site, and check out some of the links to my Social Media Content, as well.  Have a great day, and thanks for reading. --Doc  

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