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Waffle House in Meridianville Alabama Review By Doc
Sunday April 16th, 1:30 p.m.

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   My Brother and I, decided to go eat breakfast at Waffle House in Meridianville, Alabama this morning.  I usually cook us breakfast, but we have been busy cleaning our pool and getting ready for summer, so we decided to go eat at Our local Waffle House.  As you guys know, I have started doing Google Reviews, and even Post those Reviews here, on this website.   You can click here to read my Google Review on Waffle House, and below this is my Content Video I created for My Social Media Platforms. (April 16, 2023) Most Blog Post Below Video

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Waffle House in Meridianville Alabama Failed Docs Review

Docs Blog Post April 16, 2023 Cont.

 This was my 3rd video, and the first 2, I decided not to go with.  After walking Puddin, and thinking about it, I decided that I should tone it down, and not use my other 2 videos.  I was highly upset, and had allowed them to get under my skin.  
  Things where going good, at first.  They had noticed I was filming and taking some pictures, but I was not going out of my way to do it.  We wher sitting at the counter, and so we where right on the grill, and the main cooking area.  I was trying not to let them notice that I was filming, but they did.  We noticed them huddle up, start talking and looking out way. But, I didn't think anything about it. 
   We always get the All Star Breakfast, and ask for the Waffle to come last.  Plus, I get coffee.  Well, the first part of our meal had come, and we where eating.  One of the Bus Table Girls came up behind me and start cleaning the counter right beside me, and it startled me, so I turned around and said: "Easy, you could say excuse me."  When I first turned, I was kind-of smiling, but noticed the frown on her face and she was acted like a butt, so I said that.  And just shook my head, and kept eating. 
  Well, a few minutes later, the Manager stopped cooking at the grill and came over in front of us and said:" I am going to have to ask you to leave if you keep taking pictures, and I am not going to allow you grabbing at one of my workers."  This floored me. My brother spoke first and told him we wanted to see the video, right now, and the manager needed to review it right now and correct that sentence.  I mean he had just accused me of grabbing at one of his waitresses.  
   One thing I am not, is a jerk.  And I am very civil.  But this light my fuse, and I was beside myself.  My brother said: " Well we can leave, and not pay, or we can finish out meal, and pay"  The manager said: "By all means, finish."  Of coarse, I was ready to go.  If the show was on the other foot, my brother would have been too. But that is how things go.  Long as its not you, you ain't worried about the next person.  So, I chocked my Waffle Down, and soon as I was finished, grabbed my phone, and this time, made sure they saw me recording, and that is what you see at the first of the above video, and end of it.  
   It is legal to film in places that are open to the public, and this was for my Google Review, yet the last one was just to be sure that I had gotten all the workers, and people who where there, so I could pursue a complaint and if needed, legal work on them.  I was beside myself, and kept my cool.  
   Up until the Manager confronted us, in front of everyone, I was thinking about how hard he was working and how well things where going.  A good review, instantly went to a bad review, and I was really wanting to blast the girl who made the false accusations.  She is going to be a Liability for anywhere she works.  Nasty attitude, and a Liar!  The worst thing someone can be, is a liar.  
   I am currently trying to get Waffle House Camera Video, so I can review it, and use it in my complaints.  Making false accusations is an offense, and I am highly upset about it.  Thankfully, my walk with Puddin helped calm me down.  And writing my Google Review helped.  Google Reviews are a great way to voice your thoughts on any business.  And I can take it a couple steps furthers.  I can post them on my Website, and I can post them on my Social Media Platforms.  
   I have contacted corporate, and I will keep you guys posted.  I would hate for anyone else to have to go through that.  Think about it:  You are sitting there, and just commented on how well they where doing, and in a good mood, and just like that, and jerl says something, out the side of his neck, and it is all lies.  Worse, it is in front of everyone there.  With a past like mine, you hate to hear anything negitive, and haters along with cowards are always going to pull some stupid stuff like that.  I just have to remind myself of that, and laugh it off.  
   Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Reviews here, and on my Google Reviews.  Give me some Likes guys.  -- Doc

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